After the passing of their parents, Devraj lives with his much younger brother, Ramu, in a small town in India. He gets married to Bindya, who moves in along with her mom, and brother, Raju. Devraj, who works with Rai Saheb Kedarnath, gets a promotion as a Government Contractor, and they move into a bigger house. Years later, Raju and Ramu have grown up, and Bindya's mom has passed on. While Raju has taken to petty crime and bad company, Ramu is more focused on his studies and has good sober habits. Devraj would like Raju to get married to Rama, Kedarnath's daughter, but he subsequently finds out that she has fallen in love with Ramu. This news is met with anger by Raju, who swears to avenge this humiliation. Devraj's step-mother, Mrs. Ramnath, and her daughter, Nandini, move in with them - thus ending their idyllic lifestyle - with Devraj suspecting Bindya of having an affair with their cook, Chandan, and Bindya thinking that Devraj is having an affair with Nandini. Things get bad to worse, when Ramu is accused of stealing a diamond ring from Kedarnath's house, and the Police being summoned. Questions that remain unanswered are: Are Devraj and Bindya really having affairs with Nandini and Chandan respectively, and why would Ramu steal from his prospective father-in-law's house?
Balraj Sahni, Padmini, Jagdeep, more..
Krishna Panju
Release Date
Sun Jan, 01 1961

Cast Overview

Balraj Sahni
Vijaya Chaudhary

Crew Overview

K S Gopal Krishnan
... Story / Writers
A K Chopra
... Choreographers
... Choreographers
Iqbal Qureshi
... Music Director
Krishna Panju
... Director