Rohit Gupta belongs to a wealthy family. He meets with middle-classed Chandni and both fall in love with each other. Rohit and Chandni would like to get married, but Rohit's mom is dead-set against the marriage at all costs. But Rohit and Chandni are determined to get married, if necessary live separately. Before this could happen, Rohit meets with an accident, is hospitalized, and loses control of both his legs. Under these new circumstances, he decides he cannot marry Chandni and be a burden on her, and so he refuses to marry her. Years later, Rohit gets better and returns home, and cannot wait to meet Chandni and re-kindle their love-life. When he does meet Chandni, he is shocked to find that she is engaged to another young man by the name of Lalit Khanna, and her marriage is to take place soon. Now Chandni must decide whether to go ahead with marriage to Lalit, or break it off and marry Rohit.
Sridevi, Rishi Kapoor, Vinod Khanna, more..
Yash Chopra
Release Date
Thu Sep, 14 1989

Cast Overview

... Chandni
Rishi Kapoor
... Rohit Gupta
Vinod Khanna
... Lalit Khanna
Waheeda Rehman
... Mrs. Khanna (Lalit's mom)
Sushma Seth
... Mrs. Gupta (Rohit's mom)

Crew Overview

Yash Chopra
... Producer
Sagar Sarhadi
... Story / Writers
Kamna Chandra
... Story / Writers
Umesh Kalbagh
... Story / Writers
Arun Kaul
... Story / Writers