A dying Parvati asks her daughter-in-law, Annapoorna, to look after her toddler son, Ramlal, who is also the latter's husband's (Shyamlal) step-brother. Annapoorna agrees to do so, and carries out her promise even after giving birth to her own son, Govind. Years pass by, she brings up both boys equally, but Shyamlal believes that she has overly pampered Ramlal. His belief will gain stronger ground, when Annapoorna's widowed mother moves in to live with them, and Ramlal becomes increasingly abusive toward her. Warnings and beatings do not make much of an impact, and he soon severely assaults the Zamindar's (who is also Shyamlal's employer) son, Suresh, to such an extent that the Zamindar threatens to not only fire Shyamlal but also make a formal police complaint against Ramlal.
Rehman, Nutan, Master Mahesh Kumar, more..
K P Arora
Release Date
Sat Jan, 01 1966

Cast Overview

... Deewan
... Annaporrna 'Annu'
Master Mahesh Kumar
... Ramlal 'Ramu'
Lalita Pawar
... Masterji

Crew Overview

T.M. Kittu
... Producer
A.V. Subramaniam
... Producer
Inder Raj Anand
... Story / Writers
Laxmikant Shantaram Kudalkar
... Music Director
Pyarelal Ramprasad Sharma
... Music Director