Mumbai-based Indian Army Officer, Amaan Malik, who lives with his wife, Divya, and daughter, Binty, decides to quit, and seek employment elsewhere. He is then approached by a plainclothes police officer, Ahmad Hussain, and asked to infiltrate a gang of terrorists and bring their ringleader, Sultan, to justice. He initially refuses to do so, but subsequently changes his mind after Divya and Binty are killed in an explosion at a Ganpati Mandir. He is given a new identity, Ahmaan Yusuf Ali, and sent to prison on trumped-up charges where he must seek contact with other terrorists. He dramatically manages to do so, acquires a reputation, and gets to meet RD and his attractive sister, Iya. After considerable violence, including the well-planned execution of Goonga, he gains their confidence and plans are underfoot to finally introduce him to Sultan. But this meeting will be far from welcoming - for Sultan has already been aware that there is a traitor amongst them - and he has made plans to do away with him/her - and carry out a series of explosions in Mumbai.
Prasad Purandare, Sakshi Gulati, Vineet Sharma, more..
Ram Gopal Varma
Release Date
Fri Jul, 18 2008

Cast Overview

Prasad Purandare
... Ahmad Hussain
Sakshi Gulati
... Iya
Vineet Sharma
Sadia Siddiqui
Saurabh Mahajan

Crew Overview

Sanjeev K Bijli
... Producer
Ajay Bijli
... Producer
Praveen Nischol
... Producer
Prashant Pandey
... Story / Writers
... Music Director