None is born as a dacoit, circumstances force a man or woman to become dacoit. Barkha - heroine of this film is a simpleton village girl. One day it is revealed that her father Lal Singh is a notorious dacoit. Barkha and her family is shocked when Lal Singh leaves them alone and runs away since he does not want to surrender to law. Now bad times for this family start. The village people ill treat Barkha family. The crops are snatched by the government. Barkhas engagement is broken. The village money lender cheats and succeeds in taking over Barkhas house. Poor Barkhas mother dies of shock. Barkha is revengeful but the money lender is very powerful. He hires a notorious dacoit Kumnkhwar Singh who rapes Barkha. One day Barkha outsmarts, kills Kumkhwar Singh and becomes Daku Bijlee. Now she starts to killing her enemies, one by one in the most novel and entertaining way.
Puneet Issar, Kader Khan, Shakti Kapoor, more..
Reetu Raj
Release Date
Fri Aug, 22 1986

Cast Overview

Puneet Issar
Kader Khan
Shakti Kapoor
Surendra Pal
Kajal Kiran

Crew Overview

Mohan T Gehani
... Producer
Anwar - Usman
... Music Director
Reetu Raj
... Director
Jalal Malihabadi
... Lyricist