The Film 18.11 a code of Secrecy..!! is based on Science & Technology and Packed with Romance, Comedy, Action. Thrill and Specially the Suspense lies in the name title - 18.11... which is revealed at the end.<br/><br/>Rehal khan, the Hero of the Film is a Software Engineer in America,During his Course he made a software which generates an alarm and sends a danger signal about Bomb /Explosive plan in every mobile phone within the radius area of 1k.m.He did not experiment the same in America. <br/><br/>The Union Home Minister-Mr. Digambaram sponsors his Bomb/Explosive Detect Project and ask him for Experiment and Accordingly Rehal Khan begins Experiment by a Mission Named" MISSION 3 E" .Rehal Khan operates this mission from a secret laboratory in deep forest.Rehal Khan maintain secrecy and keep Distance from his Family Members including his Girlfriend. <br/><br/>His Experiment becomes Successful. He detected many bomb plan made by Captain Rack (Gulshan Grover),Chairman,World Super Power Organization i.c International Don .Captian Rack Tries to purchase rehal Khan and his Project but Failed .Trapped Rehal Khan into Terrorist Activity and send him to jail with the help of the Corrupt Police officer-Kuldeep Sharma (Mukesh Tiwari) and Habilder-Paholwan (Asrani). <br/><br/>Rehal Khan kills kuldeep Sharma and other Militants & Criminal and Arrested Captain Rack in Srilanka.The State Home Minister-Mr.Gogoi (Prem Chopera) moves the High Court and Release Rehal Khan from the jail and Freed him from all false, Bogus Cases as per advise of Union Home Minister who also Presented." Bharat Gaurav Award" to Rehal Khan for Bomb Detection and life Saving Software for Patriotic Manner in a Glorious Function
Rehal Khan, Bridgette Irani, Gulshan Grover, more..
Md.Mohibul Haque
Release Date
Fri Jun, 13 2014

Cast Overview

Rehal Khan
Bridgette Irani
Gulshan Grover
Prem Chopra
Mukesh Tiwari

Crew Overview

Merina Haque
... Producer
Md.Mohibul Haque
... Story / Writers
Salil Amrute
... Background Music
Rahul Saxena
... Choreographers
Dilip Mestry
... Choreographers