Widowed by the sudden passing of his wife, Superintendent of Police, Choudhry, brings up his son, Rajesh, on his own, teaches him all known good values, and when he grows up sends him to College in Bombay, and remits money to him regularly. Choudhry would like to transfer to Bombay Police, so that he can be close to his son, and then one day out of the blue, his transfer is approved, and a delighted Choudhry writes to his son to pick him from the railway station. Upon arrival in Bombay, he does not find his son at the Railway Station, but when browsing through a newspaper he sees his son's photograph - wanted for the murder of a card-sharp. Shocked and dismayed, Choudhry attempts to piece his life together and attempts to find Rajesh before the City Police do - for he may well face the death sentence. Choudhry does find him, but only after Rajesh is accused of killing a woman named Kishori, and this time Choudhry is quite sure that there is no hope for Rajesh.
Joy Mukherjee, Sharmila Tagore, Ashok Kumar, more..
Anand Datta
Release Date
Mon Jan, 01 1968

Cast Overview

Joy Mukherjee
... Ramesh Choudhry
Sharmila Tagore
... Anuradha Varma
Ashok Kumar
... Supt. of Police Choudhry
K N Singh
... Singh
Johny Walker
... Sampat

Crew Overview

... Producer
O.P. Nayyar
... Music Director
Anand Datta
... Director
Asha Bhosle
... Singers
Mahendra Kapoor
... Singers