King Vikram Singh (Amjad Khan) rules over a tiny state in India, called Vikramgarh. His sons are the royal twin-brothers Harshvardhan and Govardhan (double role by Jackie Shroff). Harshvardhan is the smarter one of them, hence he is regarded to become the future King of Vikramgarh. The Diwan Thakur Karan Singh (Kader Khan) is his loyal friend who stays at the prince's side all the time to train him for his future duties. Govardhan can have all the liberty he wants, while Harshvardhan has to face his duties and hence cannot enjoy the same freedom. One day, when his marriage to Jayshree (Shilpa Shirodkar) is planned, he decides to make his brother take his place, so Harshvardhan and his Diwan go to Mumbai where Harshvardhan meets Bharati (Divya Bharti) and instantly falls in love and thus becomes the enemy of Jack (Gulshan Grover) who plans on getting Bharati for himself and marry her.
Jackie Shroff, Divya Bharati, Gulshan Grover, more..
Release Date
Wed Jan, 01 1992

Cast Overview

Jackie Shroff
... prince Govardhan and Harshvardhan
Divya Bharati
... Bharati
Gulshan Grover
... Jack
Kader Khan
... Diwan Thakur Karan Singh
Shilpa Shirodkar
... Jayshree

Crew Overview

S Hingora
... Producer
H Kadawala
... Producer
... Director
Studio Link
... Publicity Designers