Mr. Oswal (Om Shivpuri) is a very rich, influential, and domineering man, who lives with his wife (Sulochana) and two sons, namely Jayant (Girish Karnad) and Ajay (Vijayendra Ghatge). Mr. Oswal convinces his elder son, Jayant, that he cannot marry the girl he loves, Chandra (Sharmila Tagore), but must marry the girl of his choice. Jayant is disheartened, but agrees to marry the girl of his father's choice (Bindu). Ajay is disappointed with his brother's decision, as he too has fallen in love with Seema (Jasmine), the daughter of a college teacher (Satyen Kappu). Ajay does not listen to his dad, and elopes with Jasmine and marries her. They settle down, he takes on the job of a taxi-driver, and Seema works as a nurse in a hospital. One night Ajay sees Seema leaving their house with a man, and files for divorce, accusing her of infidelity. Seema is devastated. After the divorce, Ajay joins the army, and goes to war in Bangla Desh, who is with war against Pakistan. Back in the Oswal home.
Girish Karnad, Abhi Bhattacharya, Bindu, more..
N D Kothari
Release Date
Sun Jan, 01 1984

Cast Overview

Girish Karnad
... Jayant Oswal
Abhi Bhattacharya
... Doctor
... Jayant's wife
Vijayendra Ghatge
... Ajay Oswal - Shyam
... Chakram

Crew Overview

N.D. Kothari
... Producer
Usha Khanna
... Music Director
N D Kothari
... Director
Suresh Wadkar
... Singers
Usha Khanna
... Singers