Amdavad Junction is a murder mystery. Two police officers, appointed to investigate a murder case, find it extremely difficult to make headway due to the lack of clues. Also the body of the dead person is so badly decomposed that one can't really identify the individual. Another senior police officer is later assigned to aid the two officers already working on the case.<br/><br/>Will the combined investigative skills of the three manage to solve the case? Will the deceased finally get justice?
Rohan Jardosh, Saurabh Singh, Gunjan Vyas, more..
Apurv Bajpa
Release Date
Fri Oct, 25 2013

Cast Overview

Rohan Jardosh
... Rohan Patel
Saurabh Singh
... Saurabh Pandey
Gunjan Vyas
... Gunjan Hooda
Touqeer Khan
... Avinash
Ishita Salot
... Mahi

Crew Overview

Hitesh Patel
... Producer
Apurv Bajpai
... Story / Writers
Kinjal Vyas
... Choreographers
Manali Chokshi
... Choreographers
Parampara Band
... Music Director