An 11 years old boy and his little friends are enjoying their summer vacations. However, all goes haywire when they accidentally get involved in hunting for a lost treasure which is also being sought and hunted for by a notorious villain. The kids meet a ghost with magical powers. And thus begins a roller coaster adventures journey that has an exciting chase, loads of action and edgy thrill. The mystery of the lost treasure has to be resolved to save everyone's lives. Will the Ghost help these four kids?
Ashwin Mushran, Jackie Shroff, Ishita Panchal, more..
Shuja Ali
Release Date
Fri Dec, 31 2010

Cast Overview

Ashwin Mushran
Jackie Shroff
... Bhoot
Ishita Panchal
... Roma
Markand Soni
... Raghav
Tejas Rahate.
... Ali

Crew Overview

Aneesh Arjun Dev
... Producer
Reshma A. Dev
... Story / Writers
Sunil Singh
... Background Music
Neelam Gupta
... Publicity Pro
NR2 - The Image Engineers
... Publicity Pro