USHA, a girl in her late twenties, daughter of a respected Delhi family is introduced to MICKY, visiting from the United Kingdom. They marry and after an idyllic honeymoon in India, MICKY returns to London promising he will send the neccessary papers and visa as soon as possible. A year goes by, tired of waiting Usha takes a bold step and travels to London, only to find that the world she enters is emotionally & culturally utterly alien. She is too sedate to relate to the youth culture of London. Micky is leading a double life, has a long standing relationship ...
Emil Marwa, Jamila Massey, Kulvinder Ghir, more..
Harbhajan Virdi
Release Date
Fri Sep, 17 2010

Cast Overview

Emil Marwa
... Micky
Jamila Massey
... Aunty
Kulvinder Ghir
... Kartar Singh
Jasmine Hyde.... Rosi
Gurdial Sira
... Mr. Chabra

Crew Overview

Harbhajan Virdi
... Producer
Harbhajan Virdi
... Story / Writers
Roopang Aacharya
... Choreographers
Dwapar Promoters
... Publicity Pro
Channi Singh
... Music Director