FAST FORWARD is a story of a few such people, whose passion is DANCE. It is about how they struggle to keep their passion alive, in spite of the varying circumstances. For every individual, their passion speaks a lot about their character. Passion is their channel to express themselves. It is about celebrating freedom; freedom to breathe, freedom of space and freedom of expression. FAST FORWARD is an explosive emotional drama of friendship, sacrifice, betrayal, anguish and dreams. The story revolves around two best friends, Rishi and Sunny, who are fantastic dancers. Sunny is fun loving and expresses almost everything through dance. He falls in love with Rishi’s sister, Jeel, only to discover she was suppressing her burning desire to dance. Sunny shows Jeel a whole new world through dance, but unknowingly they revive Rishi’s painful and dark past. FAST FORWARD is a story of simple people and their struggle against time and against the odds. A struggle against the norms, against circumstances.. simply to live their dreams. It is about a transition point in their lives, from where things would change for good depending upon the choices they make. It is the ultimate adrenaline rush, set against a backdrop of high energy and explosive dances. Fast Forward is replete with drama, conflict, emotions, romance and thrills, all the ingredients that make for riveting storytelling. To use an old cliché, WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUCH, THE TOUGH GETS GOING. FAST FORWARD aims at evoking that chutzpah, that dormant spirit. So, are you ready to RUMBLE?
Rehan Khan, Sheena Shahabadi, Vinod Khanna, more..
Zaigham Ali Syed
Release Date
Tue Aug, 25 2009

Cast Overview

Rehan Khan
... Rishi
Sheena Shahabadi
Vinod Khanna
... Palaash Bhai
Siddhant Karnick
... Vicky
Sabina Sheema
... Disha

Crew Overview

Anjum Rizvi
... Producer
Romeo D'Costa
... Story / Writers
Raju Singh
... Background Music
Sonia Jhaffar
... Choreographers
... Choreographers