Gandhi My Father paints the picture of Gandhi's intricate, complex and strained relationship with son Harilal Gandhi. From the onset, the two had dreams in opposite directions. Harilal wanted to study abroad and become a barrister like his father, while Gandhi hoped that his son would join him and fight for his ideals and causes.<br/><br/>When Gandhi does not give Harilal the opportunity to study abroad, it comes as a blow to Hari. He decides to abandon his father’s vision and leaves South Africa for India where he joins his wife Gulab (Bhoomika Chawla) and kids. He goes back to school to earn his diploma but fails three times in a row and ends in financial stress. Each of his schemes to make money falls through. Sick of his failure, Gulab returns to her parent’s house with the kids, where she eventually dies, and Hari stumbles and eventually falls.[clarification needed] He turns to alcohol for solace and converts to Islam, only to re-convert to a different sect of Hinduism. With political tension heating up, the rift between Gandhi and his eldest son grows until it is beyond repair. This is the story of a man who lived in the enormous shadow of his father, striving to discover his identity and who died in poverty.
Akshaye KhannaHarilal Gandhi, Bhumika Chawla, Shifaali Shah, more..
Feroz Abbas Khan
Release Date
Fri Aug, 03 2007

Cast Overview

Akshaye KhannaHarilal Gandhi
Bhumika Chawla
... Gulab Gandhi
Shifaali Shah
... Kasturba Gandhi
Darshan Jariwala
... Mahatma Gandhi
Daniel Janks
... Henry Polak

Crew Overview

Anil Kapoor
... Producer
Feroz Abbas Khan
... Story / Writers
... Publicity Pro
Piyush Kanojia
... Music Director
Feroz Abbas Khan
... Director