Taxi No 9211 focuses on Raghav Shastri (Nana Patekar), a cab driver in Mumbai who lies to his wife about his job, pretending to be an insurance salesman. One day, he gives Jai Mittal (John Abraham), a young businessman, a lift. Jay is fighting for ownership rights of his late father's estate. The cab involves in an accident with Jai escaping as he's in hurry. Jai loses the key to the vault containing his father's will in the back of Raghav's taxi. Raghav decides to hide it from Jai, who, in search for his lost item, goes to Raghav's house and tells his wife what he really does for a living. She leaves him, taking their son, and Raghav decides to take revenge. Raghav and Jai vow to kill each other in their fight for their own properties. When Raghav fails to kill Jai he targets Jai's girlfriend, Rupali (Sameera Reddy). As Raghav chases Rupali she is saved by Jai by hair's breadth. Jai lets Rupali escape and he attacks Raghav. They have a dirty car fight, but both survive. Raghav then decides to go to Jai's place. Jai returns to his apartment from a second court hearing regarding his father's estate in defeat, because he doesn't have his father's will. He discovers the will, torn to pieces and pasted on the wall of his apartment. Jai becomes depressed and feels lonely after his friends left him.Soon he even gets dumped by Rupali. Losing everything that used to be precious for him, Jai realise the hard hitting life, and start respecting his father and his work. On the other side Raghav is caught again by police and taken to police station where his wife tells his real character and problem within himself. soon he realise his deeds. Later he gets out of cell by Jai, where he ask for a drink and make jai to take him in his apartment. Raghav give back his will and say he never destroyed it rather he tore the fake one. The film ends with Jai rejecting the will and taking back the case but he is given back everything since his father wanted to him like that, Raghav having new fresh life with his family.
Nana Patekar, John Abraham, Sameera Reddy, more..
Milan Luthria
Release Date
Fri Feb, 24 2006

Cast Overview

Nana Patekar
... Raghav Shastri
John Abraham
... Jai Mittal
Sameera Reddy
... Rupali
Sonali Kulkarni
... Raghav's wife
Kurush Deboo
... Cyrus Batliwala

Crew Overview

Ramesh Sippy
... Producer
Rajat Aroraa
... Story / Writers
Shekhar Ravjiani
... Background Music
Vishal Dadlani
... Background Music
Bosco Martis
... Choreographers