Raghu More comes from a middle-class family in Bombay, India. He is successful in getting admitted in a decent college, where he gets to make new friends - Pannalal Patel, and Balkrishna Mani (alias Black Money). But the one he would really like to be introduced is the savvy and gorgeous and seemingly untouchable Ramona. He does get to meet and talk with her - once dressed as a transvestite; the second time foolishly proposing to marry her, only to find out that he was part of a bet; and third when he accepts the blame for one of her wrong actions. Ramona starts to notice him when he speaks for Sex Education during a college debate - which was unfortunately interrupted by his dad. Watch as comical events unfold as Raghu attempts to improve his image - from the "sidey, "geeky", and "vernac" to the more prestigious "Roger Moore", and discover new meanings of old college slang viz. "Gilhey Shikwe (Wet complaints).
Anamika Goel, Farah Khan, Sonika Kapoor, more..
Iqbal Raj
Release Date
Fri Jan, 10 2003

Cast Overview

Anamika Goel
Farah Khan
Sonika Kapoor
Mangal Kenkre
Shreyas Talpade

Crew Overview

Nikhil Mathur
... Producer
Dhananjay Kale
... Music Director
Iqbal Raj
... Director