Popular but lonely Bollywood actress, Sapna (Rani Mukerji), lives a fairly isolated life, though publicly she is thronged by fans, and has taken to drinking to ease her loneliness. Intoxicated, she runs her vehicle into a young man named Pappu (Govinda), who suffers minor injuries. He recognizes her and tells her that he is her number-one fan and will do anything for her. She wants him to kill her double-timing boyfriend, Rahul (Sanjay Suri). He agrees to do so, provided she kills his overbearing grandmother, to which she agrees.<br/>After Pappu completes his gruesome task, he meets with Sapna, only to be told that she does not recognize him, but when presented with proof, she relents and agrees to fulfill her part of this trade. She, along with Kokibhai (Kader Khan), arrive at the palatial home of Pappu's grandmother (Zohra Sehgal) and set out to kill her.<br/>ACP Kamat (Gulshan Grover) already has evidence linking Pappu to Rahul's sudden death and has been keeping a close eye on his whereabouts. Pappu finds out his grandmother's will had stated that after her death Pappu would get all her property. Pappu asks for forgiveness.<br/>Meanwhile Sapna finds out that Pappu had not killed Rahul. Sapna finds out Pappu is with the police. A blackmailer tells Sapna to bring 5 crore. ACP Kamat tells his brothers about the money. Kamat told his brothers that Rahul was not killed and was still alive. Kamat's assistant (Johnny Lever) knows that there was something wrong so he brings Pappu with him. His grandma comes and kills all the bad guys. Pappu beats up the ACP. When Paapu tells his feelings (Suniel Shetty) he takes her inside the theater. Sapna tells Pappu her feelings. The movie ends when she runs up to him and hugs him.
Govinda, Rani Mukerji, Kader Khan, more..
Aziz Sejawal
Release Date
Fri Dec, 27 2002

Cast Overview

... Pappu
Rani Mukerji
... Sapna
Kader Khan
... Kokibhai
Zohra Sehgal
... Dadi (Pappu's grandmother)
Sanjay Suri
... Rahul

Crew Overview

Vijay Mehta
... Producer
Yunus Sajawal
... Story / Writers
Ganesh Acharya
... Choreographers
Ahmed Khan
... Choreographers
Sanjoy Chowdhury
... Music Director