Vijay (Chiranjeevi) owns a little agarbathi making business. When he is not busy with this, he is a master thief who steals crores and crores of money in order to build and run a school where students can freely study to become doctors, lawyers, etc. The police led by Paresh Rawal are always on his tail but he is ever elusive. Finally he is identified as the thief and then is confronted by Juhi Chawla's character, who loves him. He tells her what his intentions are and how his brother (Harish Kumar), because he couldn't pay the donations for medical school committed suicide along with his mother. Vijay is finally caught and convicted and when he is released from prison, his dream school opens. He Marries Juhi Chawla, who waits for him from a long time.
Chiranjeevi, Juhi Chawla, Heera Rajgopal, more..
Mahesh Bhatt
Release Date
Fri Nov, 18 1994

Cast Overview

Juhi Chawla
Heera Rajgopal
Deepak Tijori
Paresh Rawal

Crew Overview

Allu Arvind
... Producer
S Shankar
... Story / Writers
Anu Malik
... Music Director
Mahesh Bhatt
... Director
Vinod Rathod
... Singers