Its an Unofficial copy of the 1988 Hollywood movie A Fish Called Wanda.Laloo (Suniel Shetty) suffers from 'shesightophrenia', a psychological disorder wherein he goes out of control when he sees a good-looking girl. Laloo is a playboy - he can't keep his pants up, and just in case they are, he can't keep the zipper closed that's what he is by nature. Padma (Masumeh Makhija), his girl friend, is quite fed up of his regular cheating on her. After one such incident she takes a flight to Cape Town to recover some jewels, which are rightfully hers, since her father's partner wrongfully stole them. Padma lands in Cape Town to discover Laloo already there to receive her-after endless bouts of asking for her forgiveness. Laloo is finally pardoned for the nth time. Laloo tries to help out Padma in her mission but ends up messing things miserably. To get out of the mess Laloo takes help of a local thug in Cape Town called Johnny, a club owner, and his sidekick called Yadav (Johnny Lever) who help them to rob the bank where the jewels are. The four rob the bank, recover the stolen jewels and split outside the bank. While escaping from the bank, Yadav nearly runs over an old lady (Shashikala) with three dogs who becomes a witness to the robbery.
Suniel Shetty, Masumeh Makhija, Mahesh Manjrekar, more..
Mahesh Manjrekar
Release Date
Fri Jan, 28 2005

Cast Overview

Suniel Shetty
... Lalchand Dilachand (Laloo
Masumeh Makhija
... Padmashree Divakar Kashyap
Mahesh Manjrekar
... Advocate Prasad Pritam Pradyuma
Johny Lever
... Yadav
Gulshan Grover
... Johnny

Crew Overview

Manek Bedi
... Producer
Sagoon Wagh
... Producer
... Story / Writers
... Story / Writers
Pony Verma
... Choreographers