Off the coast of Goa, India, some fishermen find a body of a battered young man, and they take him to the nearest medical facility run by Dr. Joe D'Costa. After the doctor's treatment, the young man recovers, but is unable to remember anything. For five long years he lives amongst the fishermen and ponders his past life and fate, then suddenly he meets someone who remembers him, and subsequently gets his memory back. He now remembers that he is Ravi Sohni, a Journalist, who was assigned the task of exposing a politician by the name of Mahinder Singh. He does so, resulting in the death of Mahender, but it is only after his death that he finds out that Mahender was not a corrupt politician and that he was being set-up to bring him down. Now Ravi must use all his resources to try and set right the wrong done by him - a wrong that may have devastated the life of the young woman that he loved - none other than the daughter of Mahender - Kavita. When he finds Kavita, he realizes that ...
Sunny Deol, Dimple Kapadia, Sumeet Saigal, more..
Mahesh Bhatt
Release Date
Fri Oct, 08 1993

Cast Overview

Sunny Deol
... Ravi Sohni
Dimple Kapadia
... Kavita Sharma / Kavita Singh / Kavita A. Khanna
Sumeet Saigal
... Dr. Ashok Khanna
Anang Desai
... Rai
Raza Murad
... Rama Patil

Crew Overview

Paresh Bagbahara
... Producer
Aakash Khurana
... Story / Writers
Rajesh Roshan
... Music Director
Mahesh Bhatt
... Director
... Lyricist