The film starts with the kidnapping of three nuclear scientists by Pralayanath Gendaswamy (Deepak Shirke) as he plans to build nuclear missiles for an invasion on India. Meanwhile Deputy Commissioner of Police Rudrapratap Chouhan (Suresh Oberoi) an honest police officer is murdered by Pralayanath Gendaswamy since he has been on his hitlist. Rudrapatap's son Harish (Harish Kumar) is the only witness of his murder. When scientists are gone missing police calls Brigadier Suryadev Singh (Raj Kumar) to take matter into his hands. Suryadev allies with hot-headed police Inspector Shivajirao Wagle (Nana Patekar) who spends many time being suspended due to his temper. When Central Minister Jeevanlal Tandel who is an ally of Pralayanath Gendaswamy sets up a meeting with him to inform him about Suryadev Singh, Pralayanath Gendaswamy questions why is there information about his glory and not a single photograph of his face. At that moment Suryadev Singh enters the auditorium and reveals that he is the one whose face Pralayanath Gendaswamy was so eager to see.<br/><br/>Meanwhile on the New Year's Eve Harish and his friends witness an attempt of murder on Radha Tandel. They rushes her to hospital but later on flees as the staff calls police to inquire about the case. Police then trace Harish by his wallet which was left at hospital and charge him with an attempt of rape on Radha.<br/><br/>After knowing who Suryadev is, Pralayanath Gendaswamy tries to kill him by planting bomb in his car. But Suryadev's car is a high tech vehicle and hence he makes an escape with his driver/bodyguard bahaddur from a below passage door in car. Then the news is widespread that he has been murdered.
Nana Patekar, Varsha Usgaonkar, Harish, more..
Mehul Kumar
Release Date
Fri Jan, 29 1993

Cast Overview

Nana Patekar
... Shivajirao Wagle
Varsha Usgaonkar
Mamta Kulkarni
Suresh Oberoi
... Rudrapratap Chouhan

Crew Overview

Mehul Kumar
... Producer
K K Singh
... Story / Writers
B. H. Tharunkumar
... Choreographers
Madhab Kishan
... Choreographers
... Choreographers