Shankar, as the eldest son of Choudhry Gangaprasad Dayal, has always made sacrifices for his two siblings, Shakti and Prem. He financed them by mortgaging his valuables and property, much to the chagrin of his dad. When Shakti rapes Sujata, and is arrested, Shankar negotiates with Sujata and gets her to withdraw the complaint and marry Shakti. When Shakti, Prem, and Sujata re-locate, the two brothers get involved with smuggler and underworld Don, Dhabla, they end up swindling him. When Dhabla's partner seeks vengeance, Shakti kills him, and Shankar accepts the blame and is sentenced to prison for life, leaving his dad, wife, Parvati, and a newborn son to fend for themselves. He is let out after several years for good behavior, returns home to find that their house has been sold by Shakti; his dad has passed away; Parvati and his son are missing. He does locate Parvati in Bombay, this is when he is told that his son was killed after being chased by Prem and run over by a vehicle. ...
Rajinikanth, Jayaprada, Prem Chopra, more..
K. C. Bokadia
Release Date
Fri Jan, 10 1992

Cast Overview

Prem Chopra
Shakti Kapoor
Gulshan Grover

Crew Overview

Dilip Kankaria
... Producer
M. D. Sunder
... Story / Writers
... Choreographers
Bappi Lahiri
... Music Director
K. C. Bokadia
... Director