The region of Jungela and Takt Hazar have been embroiled in hatred for centuries. Now a young man named Ranjha from Takt Hazar, who lives with several brothers and their respective wives, has fallen in love with a young woman named Heer from Jungela. His brothers will not permit him to marry outside the region, while the parents of Heer are agreeable. But when Ranjha does not show up on the wedding night, they arrange her marriage with another suitor by the name of Saheda Khan, even though Heer does not give her consent to the marriage, she is married. After the marriage, Ranjha comes to meet with Heer and their romance is rekindled, much to the chagrin of Saheda, who wants Heer to follow the Shariyat Law, obey him, sleep with him, and shun Ranjha. Heer refuses to do so and Saheda calls upon the Islamic Clergy, who are unable to convince Heer. Then the Maharaja gets involved when he finds out that Heer has been forcibly married. But evidence that comes before him leads him to conclude...
Joy Mukherjee, Pratibha Sinha, Mohnish Bahl, more..
Paramjeet Juneja
Release Date
Wed Jan, 01 1992

Cast Overview

Joy Mukherjee
Pratibha Sinha
Mohnish Bahl
Gulshan Grover
Alok Nath

Crew Overview

Gurdeep Singh
... Producer
... Choreographers
P. L. Raaj
... Choreographers
Pappu Khanna
... Choreographers
Raam Laxman
... Music Director