Police Inspector Shekar is assigned the case of apprehending people behind the drug cartel and smuggling. After an investigation, he finds out that the brains behind this is Badrinath Pandey, a politician who has strong ties with gangsters. Shekar arrests him, and holds him in prison to be tried for a variety of criminal offences. This is when Shekar finds out that justice works differently for people like Pandey, and as a result Pandey is released from prison, without being charged, and Shekar is suspended. Now without his uniform, Shekar and his family become targets of Pandey, ...
Dharmendra, Armaan Kohli, Anita Raj, more..
Raj Kumar Kohli
Release Date
Fri Apr, 03 1992

Cast Overview

... Inspector Shekhar
Armaan Kohli
... Raj
Anita Raj
... Mrs. Shekhar
Harsha Mehra
... Pinky
Sunil Dutt
... Police Commissioner

Crew Overview

Raj Kumar Kohli
... Producer
Lalit Mahajan
... Story / Writers
Anu Malik
... Music Director
Raj Kumar Kohli
... Director
Dev Kohli
... Lyricist