Viren (Anil Kapoor) who travels to Rajasthan with his governess, affectionately called Dai Jaa (Waheeda Rehman). He meets the beautiful Pallavi (Sridevi) and he instantly falls in love with her. However, she also happens to be older then him, though this does not bother Viren. During a property dispute and a court case, Paalavi's father suddenly dies of a heart-attack. She is shattered and goes into isolation. At the wake, Viren goes to console her, when she sees him she runs towards him but runs straight past Viren and goes towards Sidhharth - the man she loves. Viren is heartbroken but to fulfill Pallavi's father's dying wish, he arranges the wedding between Sidhharth and Pallavi. Allowing Pallavi to live her life happily, Viren leaves for London. However one year into the marriage Sidhharth and Pallavi are both killed in an accident. It was also revealed that she was pregnant at the time and gave birth to a daughter. The girl is named Pooja and is kept in the care of Dai Jaa. A few...
Sridevi , Anil Kapoor , Waheeda Rehman, more..
Yash Chopra
Release Date
Fri Nov, 22 1991

Cast Overview

... Pallavi/Pooja
Anil Kapoor
... Virendra Pratap Singh (Viren)
Waheeda Rehman
... Dai Jaa
Anupam Kher
... Prem
Dippy Sagoo
... Anita Malhotra

Crew Overview

Rajesh Bhatia
... Producer
Yash Chopra
... Producer
Honey Irani
... Story / Writers
Saroj Khan
... Choreographers
Shiv Hari
... Music Director