As children, Suraj (Aditya Pancholi) and Amar (Mohsin Khan) have watched their father being brutally beaten by a police inspector. Both grow up and become small time criminals. This leads them to thee big gangster Pasha (Paresh Rawal). They part ways because Amar hates gangland activities, especially drugs. Suraj, on the other hand, wants wealth and wants to become rich. Suraj kills Pasha and becomes a big time gang leader. Amar is terrified that Suraj is lost in the world of crime and has forgotten humanity. In the climax of the movie, Sultan Anupam Kher phones Suraj and asks him to kill Amar to which he refuses. Later that day Suraj is chased by the police (Inspector Kotwal had ordered Inspector Khan to do so) and is injured while his bodyguard is killed. Suraj reaches the place where Amar and Suraj used to go and Amar who felt the voice of his friend calling him rushed to the place. Inspector Kotwal reaches there and Amar tells him that Suraj wishes to surrender. Inspector Kotwal reveals that he is actually Sultan, the real gang leader and attempts to kill Suraj. Amar saves Suraj and thinking that he had killed Sultan he returns to Suraj, just then Sultan arrives at the scene and attempts to stab Amar from behind, Suraj seeing him coming towards Amar pushes Amar and is stabbed by Sultan who is finally killed by Amar.
Aditya Pancholi, Mohsin Khan, Paresh Rawal, more..
Mahesh Bhatt
Release Date
Tue Sep, 03 1991

Cast Overview

Aditya Pancholi
... Suraj
Mohsin Khan
... Amar
Paresh Rawal
... Pasha
Anupam Kher
... Inspector Kowal/Sultan
Varsha Usgaonkar
... Nisha

Crew Overview

Mukesh Duggal
... Producer
Robin Bhatt
... Story / Writers
... Music Director
Mahesh Bhatt
... Director
A. Muthu
... Editor