Veerendra Pratap Rai is a wealthy businessman who lives in a palatial house with his son, Vikram, and daughter, Seema. Vikram is an alcoholic and womanizer, while Seema is the opposite, and is qualified to practice medicine in India. She meets with fellow doctor, Anand, who comes from a poor background, and both are attracted to each other, and fall in love. They decide to get married, but Seema's brother will not hear of his sister getting married to a poor man, but would prefer that she marry Dr. Anil Verma, who is equally wealthy. But Seema is adamant, and will only marry Anand. Then tragedy strikes when a patient, who was being treated by Anand dies, and the cause of death was that the patient was induced with a spurious drug. Anand faces a public inquiry, and with the evidence stacked against him, he may lose his job, and never be able to marry Seema.
Govinda, Mandakini, Reeta Bhaduri, more..
Rajat Rakshit
Release Date
Mon Jan, 01 1990

Cast Overview

... Dr. Anand
... Dr. Seema
Reeta Bhaduri
... Sapna Srivastav
Saeed Jaffrey
... Veerendra Pratap Rai
Gulshan Grover
... Dr. Anil Verma

Crew Overview

Vijay Salankar
... Producer
Raman Gupta
Usha Khanna
... Music Director
Rajat Rakshit
... Director
... Editor