This is a simple family drama type film. Ram Mohan is an honest government employee and due to out dating of his flat, he is compelled by the flat owner to leave the flat. He family consists of a wife (Indu), a daughter (Preeti) and a son (Kapil). He passes the file of Mr. Ajay without taking the bribe. To this, Ajay offers him that he can live in a flat where his father is living alone. Due to this, his father will get a company and he will get shelter. Ram Mohan accepts his offer. They go to the flat where Kirpa Ram, Ajay's father who is a retired lawyer is living. Kirpa Ram does not like Ram Mohan's family in his life but after good behaviour of Indu, Preeti and Ram Mohan, he gradually starts liking them. However, his relationship with Kapil does not improves. Anil is Trivedi's son who falls in love with Preeti. Then day by day, the relationship between Ram Mohan and Kirpa Ram grows stronger and stronger and both help each other in various difficulties.
Ashok Kumar, Shekhar Suman, Vasantsena, more..
Diljit Singh
Release Date
Sun Jan, 01 1989

Cast Overview

Ashok Kumar
Shekhar Suman
Alok Nath
Charushila Vachanni

Crew Overview

... Music Director
Diljit Singh
... Director