Abdulla Roti was the first ever person to challenge Bombay's underworld Don, Kama, and his life was cut short when a bomb exploded in his bakery in Bandra. The second person to challenge Kama was Inspector Ram Singh, who did manage to arrest one of his associates, Girdhar, and bring him to Court, but ended up being held for contempt of court charges himself, and being suspended from duty. When he returns home that night, he finds the house in darkness. Upon entry, he finds the lifeless bodies of his wife, Savitri, and son, Sunny. Ram is unable to get proof against Kama and takes to alcohol; The third person to challenge Kama is one of his very own associates, Joseph, who absconds with a suitcase full of money along with his girlfriend, Julie. Both are hunted down and taken to Kama, who decides to spare Joseph only if Julie decides to become his. Julie and Joseph attempt to outsmart Kama, but their plot is discovered and Joseph's life ends. Now Inspector Avinash has been transferred from Delhi and has been assigned Kama's case. Avinash is married to Renu. Anwar, an informant leads Avinash to gold biscuits, but they turn out to be real biscuits resulting in all round embarrassment for the Police Department. Avinash is successful in arresting Girdhar, only to be told that this action will endanger Renu's life. The question remains will Avinash dare to continue crossing swords with Kama and become another casualty?
Kumar Gaurav, Amala, Shatrughan Sinha, more..
David Dhawan
Release Date
Sun Jan, 01 1989

Cast Overview

Kumar Gaurav
Shatrughan Sinha
Amrish Puri
Anita Raaj

Crew Overview

R.D. Burman
... Music Director
David Dhawan
... Director