Dr.Sandeep Kumar (Jeetendra), Inspector Ranjith (Rajinikanth) & Advocate Prakash (Rishi Kapoor) are thickest, best & childhood friends, the three of them grew up together because Prakash is often and Ranjith’s father Daga (Amrish Puri) is a smuggler who left him alone because of his honesty and took his mother & sister with him so Sandeep’s parents (Pran & Shavukar Janaki) brought them up. Ranjith is an honest police officer, Sandeep is a well-known doctor in the city, Prakash is a leading criminal lawyer three of them has always clash with Daga who became a big gangster and doesn’t know that Ranjith is his son. Ranjith & Prakash always carrels with Sandeep because the only problem with Sandeep is he is very short temper, he cannot withstand himself if somebody does any injustice to anyone. One day Daga’s gangster (Guru Bachan) kidnaps and rapes Ranjith’s wife Lata (Poonam Dhillon) who is pregnant which is seen by Sandeep and he bits him very hard and takes promise from Lata that she does not reveal this secret. Daga takes advantage of this he kills the gangster and traps Sandeep in that case. Ranjith arrests Sandeep and Prakash takes up the case but Sandeep doesn’t reveal the truth to protect Lata so Prakash makes a story that Sandeep has made the crime to protect his wife to save him, he brings a girl Rekha (Bhanu Priya) as Sandeep’s wife whom Sandeep has protected from few gangsters once a while. Meanwhile Sandeep loves and really marries Rekha and Prakash also loves a thief Shanthi (Kimi Katkar) whose brother is killed by Daga and for whom she is under search. At the end Ranjith comes know the truth, he accepts Lata even though she got raped and he recognizes Daga is his father and Rekha is his sister whom Daga left in streets in the childhood. Finally Sandeep, Ranjith & Prakash join together and defeat Daga.
Jeetendra, Rajinikanth, Poonam Dhillon, more..
T. Rama Rao
Release Date
Wed Jan, 01 1986

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Poonam Dhillon
Rishi Kapoor
Kimi Katkar

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T. Rama Rao
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