Chandramohan Azad (Jeetendra) is an employee and a union leader. His zeal and hard-work is detested by some of his fellow-workers and his employer, Sinha (Pincho Kapoor). He is framed for the murder of a fellow union worker and sentenced to jail for several years. After his release, he finds out that his brother-in-law, Deshbandhu (Utpal Dutt) is an MLA, and his sister (Seema Deo) is content with the way the things are. Chandramohan's right to assert what is truthful and right is frustrated at every attempt by a corrupt society and law enforcement officers. Will Chandramohan continue to fight inequality or will he himself become part of the system he fights now?
Jeetendra, Shakti Kapoor, Pinchoo Kapoor, more..
T. Rama Rao
Release Date
Sun Jan, 01 1984

Cast Overview

Shakti Kapoor
Pinchoo Kapoor
Utpal Dutt
Om Shivpuri

Crew Overview

R.D. Burman
... Music Director
T. Rama Rao
... Director