Indian Air Force pilot Bhagat lives with his wife, Raksha, and a young son. While going to the bank one day, the family find that the bank is being held up. The bank-robbers panic at the arrival of the police, and fire randomly killing Raksha instantly. Bhagat witnesses this horrific spectacle and is unable to do anything to save his wife. The robbers were masked, but one of them had a tear in his shoe, and another was wearing a locket, very similar to the worn by his wife. Bhagat's inquiries take him to the Northern-most hilly regions of India, where he must confront the past, as well as seek out the elusive killers and bring them to justice, not knowing that in so doing he will be endangering the life of his son.
Dev Anand, Tina Munim, Mehmood, more..
Dev Anand
Release Date
Tue Jan, 01 1980

Cast Overview

Dev Anand
Tina Munim
Prem Chopra
Sujit Kumar

Crew Overview

Rajesh Roshan
... Music Director
Dev Anand
... Director