Ramraj lives a wealthy lifestyle along with his wife, Janki, son, Bablu, a parsimonious father, and devout mother. He himself, Janki, Bablu, and his mother are devout worshipers of Devi Maa Lakshmi and they worship her in all of her eight (Ashta) forms, namely Gajlaxmi, Santanlaxmi, Vidyalaxmi, Dhanlaxmi, Adilaxmi, Vijaylaxmi, Dhanalaxmi, and Dheryalaxmi (which stands for Custodian, Propagator of human life, Knowledge, Prosperity, Timeless, Conqueror of all, Food, and Forbearance respectively). Janki is told by Savitri to pray to Devi Maa Laxmi, perform prayers, fasting, celibacy, offer flowers for 10 days, and she agrees to do so, but does not keep a promise she made in an earlier birth and earns the wrath of Laxmiji. Ramraj also plays the Shenai for the local Devi Maa Mandir and on one occasion also got rewarded by the Maharaja of the region. His talents are noticed by Naag Kanya, who attempts to seduce him, initially in vain, but after joining forces with Kamini, lures him into the heavens and change him into a parrot. Janki and Madhav do find the parrot and bring him home, but they are not able to keep him long as Naag Kanya and Kamini use their magical powers to take him back. Savitri asks Janki to perform prayers and satiate Laxmiji, but Janki sets upon to do so, but before she could complete the Aarti, ends up being arrested by the Maharaja, accused of stealing jewelry from Laxmiji's Mandir, and has her arms cut-off. Madhav is ready to sacrifice his eyes to placate Laxmiji, but is abducted by soldiers, who gouge out his eyes to bring back vision to the eyes of the Maharaja's son. Blind and armless, the helpless duo turn to Laxmiji, not knowing that Ramraj's body has undergone a major transformation - and neither of them will be able to recognize him anymore.
Narsimh Raju, Jaya Malini, Naagraju, more..
Release Date
Mon Jan, 01 1979

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Narsimh Raju
Jaya Malini
Meena T.

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