Inspired from the true events, 'Jigariyaa' tells the tale of Shaamlal Gupta (Shaamu) and Radhika Sharma (Raadha). Shaamu, the only son of halwaai Ramlal Gupta is a happy go lucky boy based in Agra, the city of love. He spends his days writing sheyr-o-shayari admired by his motley group of good-for-nothing friends and his doting mother.<br/><br/>The only daughter of Pandit Shankar Dayal Sharma, Radhika, is a well educated and caring girl who helps her father in his endeavours as a social do gooder and a man of high reputation in Mathura, the city of Lord Krishna. She is the apple of his eyes and is loved by one and all.<br/><br/>On a visit to her Nani's house in Agra, Shaamu, literally falls in love with Raadha at first sight and thus begins his quest to find this elusive girl in the streets of Agra.<br/><br/>As they grow fond and close to each other, the destiny takes another turn and the two lovers break apart.<br/><br/>Where will their lives take them from here? Will the two innocent lovers unite or will fate again tear them apart??What does destiny have enstored for them?<br/><br/>Jigariyaa, is a love story lost in time. A time when purity of heart and innocence were the only two things that united two people in love. A time when promises and pacts made in love were worth their weight in gold
Harshvardhan Deo, Cherry Mardia, K K Raina, more..
Raj Purohit
Release Date
Fri Oct, 10 2014

Cast Overview

Harshvardhan Deo
... Shaamlal Gupta
Cherry Mardia
... Radhika Sharma
K K Raina
... Radha's Parents
Navni Parihar
... Radha's Parents
Deepak Chadha
... Radha's Uncle

Crew Overview

Vinod Bachchan
... Producer
Raju Chadha
... Producer
Vinod Bachchan
... Story / Writers
Rajeev Surti
... Choreographers
Nidhi Yasha
... Costume Designers