Mahesh has returned home from overseas to his home country, India, along with the girl he plans to marry, Seema. He is greeted at the airport by his dad's assistant, Mack, and subsequently by his dad. His dad and mom, Saroj welcome their son home, and approve of his girlfriend, and look forward to marrying the two of them. But Seema wants her future husband not to be dependent on his wealthy father, but instead but a living for himself, to which Mahesh agrees. When he starts to look for a job, he is at first amazed and then astounded as to his father's popularity. And then someone named Uday tells Mahesh the truth about his father. What is the truth, and what are the consequences of this knowledge?
Sanjeev Kumar, Shabana Azmi, Satyen Kappu, more..
Mahesh Bhatt
Release Date
Thu Jan, 01 1976

Cast Overview

Sanjeev Kumar
Shabana Azmi
Satyen Kappu
Madan Puri
Mac Mohan

Crew Overview

R.D. Burman
... Music Director
Mahesh Bhatt
... Director