Several years ago Rakesh's life was turned upside down when his dad was murdered. The only consolation to be drawn by his passing, was that the assailant was also killed. Years later, Rakesh finds out that his dad's killer is still alive, and the police have closed this file. He decides to avenge his father's death and travels to a far-off village, and befriends a young man named Shera. He finds out through Durga, whom he falls in love with, that his father's killer is Sardar Poppy Singh, who runs a vast underground business empire of growing and selling cocaine. Then Shera and Durga get the shocks of their lives when they find out that Rakesh has joined forces with Poppy, and has even killed a police officer to prove his loyalty. What led to Rakesh's sudden change of heart - from killing his father's assailant to becoming partners with him?
Feroz Khan, Parveen Babi, Prem Chopra, more..
Ravee Nagaich
Release Date
Wed Jan, 01 1975

Cast Overview

Feroz Khan
Parveen Babi
Prem Chopra
Farida Jalal

Crew Overview

R.D. Burman
... Music Director
Ravee Nagaich
... Director