Allahabad-based Ravi comes to another city on a stormy night to look for his mentor, who owns 'Heera Mahal', as well as seek employment. He is told by the crippled occupant, Balraj Sharma, who now lives there with his daughter, Rekha, that the owner had passed away six months ago, but offers to look after Ravi for the night. The next day, Balraj takes a liking to Ravi and hires him to maintain his garden. Ravi comes to know that Balraj was a former police inspector and had not been successful in apprehending a gangster, Jaggi, who is still at large, and both father and daughter live in apparent fear. Ravi and Rekha fall in love and both agree to look for Jaggi, have him arrested and thereby put this matter to rest. Both will end up regretting this decision as soon Ravi will become a suspect in the homicides of two males, Samson and Madan, leaving Balraj no option but to not only ask him to leave but also instruct Rekha never to see him again.
Sheikh Mukhtar, Simi Garewal, Ravi Kumar, more..
Release Date
Mon Jan, 01 1968

Cast Overview

Sheikh Mukhtar
Simi Garewal
Ravi Kumar
Madan Puri

Crew Overview

Usha Khanna
... Music Director
... Director