Orphan Gopikishan lives a poor lifestyle on the banks of the Holy River Ganga, makes a living ferrying passengers on his rickety boat, and is assisted by Gauri, another orphan, who hopes to marry him someday. But Gopikishan has given his heart to wealthy Radha, who lives with her dad, and step-mother, he takes a red rose everyday to her, teaches her to sing, and takes some lessons in English. He excels in his lessons and Radha gets an award. Then Radha's uncle, Rajendra, arranges her marriage with wealthy Prince Ram V. Rai, and Radha reluctantly consents. A heartbroken Gopikishan conceals his true feelings, sings during her marriage ceremony, and bids her goodbye. He looks forward to the Lakshmi Pooja celebrations when Radha will be visiting her family - little knowing that the Radha who will be returning will not be the same anymore, and he will soon be confronted by Rajendra, Gauri, and angry villagers who will eventually find out his true feelings for her.
Sunil Dutt, Nutan, Deven Verma, more..
Adurthi Subba Rao
Release Date
Sun Jan, 01 1967

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Sunil Dutt
Deven Verma

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... Music Director
Adurthi Subba Rao
... Director