Widowed Shanta Mehra lives an impoverished lifestyle in a village along with her son, Kamal, and pretty daughter, Sharda. She has mortgaged her house and belongings so that her son could study, get a job and improve their lifestyle. He does do well in his studies, as well as gets a decent job in Bombay, and she starts to plan his marriage. To her surprise, he shows up with a woman, Mona, and informs her that he has married her. She reluctantly welcomes her, and borrows money for a feast for the community - only to find that Kamal and Mona are leaving. Shortly thereafter, she stops receiving any monies from him but refuses to write to him for assistance. Then a few months later, she receives a letter from Mona that Kamal is seriously ill, and she and Sharda rush off towards Bombay. Watch what happens when the duo reach their destination and the impact their visit has on Kamal, Mona, as well as Mona's friends, and neighbors.
Manoj Kumar, Soodesh Kumar, Randhir, more..
Kishore Sahu
Release Date
Tue Jan, 01 1963

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Manoj Kumar
Soodesh Kumar

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... Music director
Kishore Sahu
... Director