Motiram, a textile mill worker, has lost his wife and he marries Radha, despite protest from his children Raja and Asha. Radha starts playing a step mother, as a result both children run away for Mumbai. Raja finds it difficult to make fast money for a respectable living and his sister's studies. He starts gambling as a freelancer and goes on to become a top notch gambler with playing cards. Verma, owner of an underground casino, offers him a lucrative job and Raja joins him. Soon he finds that he is love with an orphan girl Kamla and Asha with Inspector Shyam. However, his job will be an obstacle for his sister's marriage into a respectable family, so he decides to leave Verma's job and start afresh. He lands in many jobs but his infamous past always haunts him. In order to get Asha married in a respectable manner he borrows some money from Verma. He fixes Asha's marriage but Verma wants his money back in two days' time. Reluctantly he steals required money from Seth Motiram's house and goes to Verma's place to pay his money back. He has an altercation with Verma and Verma falls from a height. Dying Verma names Raja for his conditions. Police arrests Raja for murdering Verma. Motiram comes to Raja's house and finds that Raja and Asha are his children. It is proved in the court that Raja did steal money but did not kill Verma. He gets eight years imprisonment for his crime.
Ashok Kumar, Shyama, Mehmood, more..
Shakti Samanta
Release Date
Mon Jan, 01 1962

Cast Overview

Ashok Kumar
K.N. Singh

Crew Overview

... Music director
Shakti Samanta
... Director