In a small scenic town in India there are two schools, Valley High School, which basically caters to the affluent, and Bharti High School for the middle-class. The annual sports fest has always been dominated by the Valley High students, with Kabir Mukherjee winning the coveted race for many years, and after his tenure gets over, Ranveer Pratap Singh takes over. Now this year, Ranveer's championship status is being challenged by Bharti High's Dev, who is also fallen head over heels in love with Ranveer's girlfriend, Sanjana, ignoring romantic overtures from the lovely fellow student, Suhana. The stage is all set for the annual sports as participants, their respective families, and the general public await to see who the all-round winner will be this year.
Sunny Deol, Namrata Shirodkar, Deepti Bhatnagar, more..
Arindam Chaudhuri
Release Date
Tue Oct, 12 2004

Cast Overview

Sunny Deol
... Kabir
Namrata Shirodkar
... Sandra
Deepti Bhatnagar
... Dev's Bhabhi
Archana Puran Singh
... Ms. Harvachan Singh
Tiku Talsania
... Harvachan Singh

Crew Overview

Arindam Chaudhuri
... Producer
Arindam Chaudhuri
... Story / Writers
Longines Fernandes
... Choreographers
Lalit Pandit
... Music Director
Jatin Pandit
... Music Director