Sanjana is a divorcee who moves to a hillside house as she could not afford a house in the city.However,strange things occur in the house and the surroundings.Sanjana is tortured by an invisible demon.Her dog is possessed and attacks her and Vicky,her younger brother.The plot in which the house is situated has an old well in which tribals used to push criminals as a punishment of death. One night,lightning strikes the well and one soul comes out and haunts Sanjana,her dog,daughters and brother.Will she be able to fight this evil soul and save her family before it's too late.
Tabu, Shahbaaz Khan, Mukesh Tiwari, more..
Guddu Dhanoa
Release Date
Fri Jul, 04 2003

Cast Overview

... Sanjana
Shahbaaz Khan
... Dr. Asif Ali
Mukesh Tiwari
... Psychiatrist-exorcist (Tantrik
Grusha Kapoor
... Pooja (as Grusha Grover
Avtar Gill
... Sanjana's father

Crew Overview

Guddu Dhanoa
... Producer
Sultanu Gupta
... Story / Writers
A Muthu
... Editor
Shripad V Natu
... Cinematography
Raam Shetty
... Action