Rajiv is a college boy who really doesn't care much about anything...he's pretty self-absorbed and when not thinking of himself, he's thinking of girls. Payal is his best friend, ever since school days. He doesn't know how she feels about him and he doesn't care b/c she's the typical "behenji" types. When his friends make plans to go to Goa...he's thrilled. Only one problem...couples only. Rajiv's best friend says why search for a girl when you have Payal. Payal, however, is a girl that believes in true love and won't hook up with anyone for only a weekend. Rajiv, plans to "fall in love" with her so he can take her to Goa. The whole college knows about Rajiv and Payal, and it seems that they are meant to be. Tricking her parents, Payal comes to Goa, but Rajiv tries to get too touchy with her and attempts to force himself onto her. In anger, Rajiv breaks up with Payal and swears that before she knows it he'll be with the prettiest girl in college. Payal is hurt and takes console in Rajiv's best friend who knows that Rajiv is wrong. New girl, Alisha, comes into the picture and she is indeed the prettiest girl of the college. What will happen of Rajiv and Payal? Watch the movie and find out.
Shahid Kapoor, Amrita Rao, Shenaz Treasuryvala, more..
Ken Ghosh
Release Date
Fri May, 09 2003

Cast Overview

Shahid Kapoor
... Rajiv Mathur
Amrita Rao
... Payal
Shenaz Treasuryvala
... Alisha Sahay
Yash Tonk
... Rocky
Satish Shah
... Mr. Mathur (Rajiv's dad)

Crew Overview

Kumar S Taurani
... Producer
Ramesh S Taurani
... Producer
Ken Ghosh
... Story / Writers
Raju Singh
... Background Music
Ravi Botalje
... Choreographers