U.S. based Anjali Thapar (Amrita Rao) has repeated dreams of a parallel life in India, the temple of Devi Maa Durga, & some sword-wielding men on horseback. She and her mother consult a pandit, and he advises them to go to India to clear this matter up, as this pertains to her past life. Mr. Thapar will only let Anjali go there after she marries the man of his choice; so Anjali decides to run away. Her father alerts a ruthless CBI Officer Sikander Baksh (Danny Denzongpa), who is soon on her case. Anjali meets with car-thieves, Karan and his uncle (Arya Babbar and Shakti Kapoor respectively), and then begins her journey into a past life, as Nandini, the lover of freedom fighter Abhay (also Arya Babbar), and his subsequent death at the hands of British-aided traitor Tejeshwar Singhal (Ashutosh Rana). Anjali does not know that Tejeshwar is still alive, is a powerful minister in the Indian Government, and has decided that he will make history repeat itself by separating the two lovers again - this time with the help of the government machinery.
Arya Babbar, Amrita Rao, Ashutosh Rana, more..
Raj Kanwar
Release Date
Fri May, 10 2002

Cast Overview

Arya Babbar
... Karan-Abhay
Amrita Rao
... Anjali Thapar-Nandini
Ashutosh Rana
... Tejeshwar Singhal
Aashish Vidyarthi
... Rudra Singh
Danny Denzongpa
... CBI Officer Sikander Baksh

Crew Overview

Robin Bhatt
... Story / Writers
Raj Kanwar
... Story / Writers
Sultanu Gupta
... Story / Writers
Saroj Khan
... Choreographers
... Publicity Pro