Nirmal (Sanjay Kapoor) studies in London, and his dad (Anant Mahadevan) lives in a palatial home in India with his mom (Navneet Nishan). Unknown to both Nirmal and his dad, mom is having an affair with an employee, Baldev Diwan (Dalip Tahil). When caught in the act by dad, they kill him and his driver, Satpal (Mushtaq Khan) and arrange an accident with the help of another employee Manikchand (Tinnu Anand). When Nirmal returns he is informed of the accident, and he believes his dad dies of a car accident. One day while romancing with his girlfriend Sandhya (Mamta Kulkarni), he comes across Satpal, who is now confined in a mental institution. Curious to see what Satpal has to say about the accident, Nirmal arranges for more qualified doctors in the big city to examine Satpal. Unknown to Nirmal, Superintendent of Police Thappa (Raj Babbar) is plotting with Raja (also played by Sanjay Kapoor) to kill Nirmal and take his place...
Tinnu Anand, Raj Babbar, Laxmikant Berde, more..
Aziz Sejawal
Release Date
Wed Apr, 25 2001

Cast Overview

Tinnu Anand
... Mama Manikchand
Raj Babbar
... Supdt of Police Bhim Thappa
Laxmikant Berde
... Manik (servant)
Sanjay Kapoor
... Raja / Nirmal Kumar Chinoy
Satyendra Kapoor
... Sandhya's dad / Satpal's borther

Crew Overview

Madan Mohla
... producer
Anand Chitragupth
... Music
Milind Chitragupth
... Music
Sanjeev Mulchandani
... Costume Design
Ravi Dewan
... stunt coordinator