The time is 32 BC. King Asoka's fierce battle against Kalinga claims 100,000 lives & the carnage moves the king to go on a quest to save mankind.<br/><br/>He brings together the nine wise men from all over the world who harness the powers of nature and contain them in a medallion.<br/><br/>The medallion is entrusted to the Emperor's son Masa until its rightful owner can be found.<br/><br/>2000 years later, Masa, still alive comes across a Ashok, the son of a slain police officer. The 8 year old has a great desire to help others like his hero father.<br/><br/>Realizing Ashoka is the one he has been waiting foe Masa entrusts the medallion to the boy and the fades to dust, his mission accomplished.<br/><br/>The magical medallion gives Ashok superhuman powers. At first he doubts his ability but like a true hero faces up to the challenge from the corruption of power.<br/>
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Gaurav Jain
Release Date
Fri Jan, 07 2011

Cast Overview

Crew Overview

Gyanendra Jain
... Producer
Gaurav Jain
... Story / Writers
Gautam Jain
... Ex. Co Producers
Rahul Merchant
... Ex. Co Producers
Uday Justin
... Music Director