Sapna (Karishma Kapoor) who has been brought up by her three uncles who love her dearly. One uncle is a body builder, one is a priest and worships god a lot and the third is a fun loving man who is a fashion designer. Her three uncles never let her have fun and enjoy her life, so she decides to run away. Her third uncle catches her while she is running away, and gives her money so that she can go on a tour. The other two uncles don't know about this plot. Meanwhile Raja (Salman Khan) is shown the photo of Sapna, he instantly falls in love with her and promises his father that she will be the daughter-in-law of their house. While on the tour, Sapna meets Raja, a lovable guy who is basically all three of her uncles combined into one..Sapna and Raja fall in love with each other. Then together with Sapna's third uncle, the three of them pursue the other two uncles to allow them to get married. Finally at the very end, the two of them get married.
Salman Khan, Karisma Kapoor, Om Puri, more..
David Dhawan
Release Date
Sat Jan, 15 2000

Cast Overview

Salman Khan
... Raja Oberoi
Karisma Kapoor
... Sapna
Om Puri
... Bhola Nath
Paresh Rawal
... Prabhu Nath
Anupam Kher
... Vicky Nath

Crew Overview

Devendra Singh
... Producer
Manik Rao
... Producer
Gordhan Tanwani
... Producer
Rumi Jaffery
... Story / Writers
Surendra Sodhi
... Background Music