Inayat Khan (Sanjay Dutt) is the Senior Superintendent of Police responsible for the security of Srinagar, Kashmir. One day, his young son Irfaan (Yogin Soni) suffers an accident and is taken to a hospital. Unfortunately, due to a fatwa instigated by the leader of a terrorist group forbidding doctors to treat policemen, as one doctor named Aktar, his wife, and daughter fell victim to the terrorist group after treating Khan, the doctors refused to treat Irfaan. Khan angrily swears to kill the doctors if they don't treat his son, but they still refused, saying they are willing to die to ensure their families' safety from the terrorist group. As a result, Irfaan dies, and Khan swears to put an end to the threat of the terrorist group in revenge for his son's death. After finding out that the group of terrorists is taking refuge in the village of Dalgate, Khan and his men manage to attack and kill the criminals. Unfortunately, a family is caught in the crossfire, and they are killed as well. A young boy named Altaaf is the only family member who survives the shooting. He is severely traumatized by seeing his parents and sister die before his eyes and is haunted by the memory of the masked face of one of the police officers who shot at his family: that police officer is Khan. Altaaf falls unconscious and is jailed by Khan's men, much to Khan's anger, who then berates his officers for placing an orphaned boy in a cell just because his family offered shelter to the terrorists. Khan's wife Neelima (Sonali Kulkarni), having just lost Irfaan and feeling sorry for Altaaf, attempts to persuade Khan to let them adopt the boy. Khan, despite his fear that Altaaf may one day discover the truth and get revenge for it, reluctantly agrees, feeling extremely remorseful for killing Altaaf's family.
Sanjay Dutt, Hrithik Roshan, Preity Zinta, more..
Vidhu Vinod Chopra
Release Date
Thu Oct, 26 2000

Cast Overview

Sanjay Dutt
... SSP Inayat Khan
Hrithik Roshan
... Altaaf Khan
Preity Zinta
... Sufiya Parvez
Sonali Kulkarni
... Neelima Khan
Jackie Shroff
... Hilal Kohistani

Crew Overview

Vidhu Vinod Chopra
... Producer
Vikram Chandra
... Story / Writers
Vidhu Vinod Chopra
... Story / Writers
Abhijat Joshi
... Story / Writers
Suketu Mehta
... Story / Writers