Soumya Nadkarni lives a wealthy lifestyle in Mumbai along with her dad, Anirudh, and mom, Suhasini. She is a Science student in Second Year Junior with I.B. Institute, and is a fan of Bollywood actor, Sanjay Dutt. As a child she had her appendix removed, and as an adult is terrified of surgical needles. When her boyfriend, Ninad Kamat, participates in a blood donation drive, she decides to overcome her fears, and does donate blood. She then appears for her final exams, but becomes seriously ill on the last day. She is examined by Dr. S.D. Potnis, who advises complete bed rest, and suspects she may have Malaria. Her fever persists for two months, and she undergoes more medical tests. Then her fever subsides, but Anirudh finds out that his daughter is HIV positive. Devastated, he confides in Suhasini, and they decide to keep this information to themselves. But when Soumya finds out, she decides to live a normal life, and insists on getting married to Ninad. Watch what impact this will have on the Kamat family, and this will be just one of many challenges the Nadkarnis will have to face when their friends will shun them, and their daughter will be refused admission to the hospital of her choice.
Shivaji Satam, Reema Lagoo, Nisha Bains, more..
Mahesh Manjrekar
Release Date
Fri Jul, 28 2000

Cast Overview

Shivaji Satam
... Anirudh Nadkarni
Reema Lagoo
... Suhasini A. 'Suhas' Nadkarni
Nisha Bains
... Soumya A. Nadkarni
Sunil Barve
... Ninad S. Kamat
Sanjay Dutt
... Himself

Crew Overview

R V Pandit
... Producer
Mahesh Manjrekar
... Story / Writers
Rahul Ranade
... Music Director
Sanjeev Abhyankar
... Singers
Kavita Krishnamurthy
... Singers