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Johny I Love You (1982)

After the death of his wife, Savitri, former bandit, Suraj Singh, decides to go straight, and with the help of a Catholic Priest, Father John, goes to work in a small hillside community along with his...

Cast: Rati Agnihotri, Sunjay Dutt, Suresh Oberoi, Amrish Puri, more..
Released on Jan 01, 1982

Love Story (1981)

Vijay Mehra loves Suman, but Suman is attracted to Ram, and marries Ram shortly thereafter. Vijay is angered by this. Subsequently, Vijay marries, and his wife gives birth to a baby boy, Bunty, while ...

Cast: Vijeta Pandit, (intr.) Kumar Gaurav, Rajendra Kumar, Vidya Sinha, more..
Released on Jan 01, 1981

Love In Canada (1979)

Cast: Jeetendra, Vinod Mehra, Moushmi Chatterjee, Aruna Irani, more..
Released on Jan 01, 1979

Love in Bombay (1975)

This film is a simple story of a village boy, Baadal (Joy Mukherjee) who meets a girl from the city, Preeti (Waheeda Rehman) in the most unusual circumstances and the couple eventually fall in love, a...

Cast: Waheeda Rehman , Joy Mukherjee, more..
Released on Jan 01, 1975

Free Love (1974)

Cast: Kiran Kumar, Yogita Bali, Bindu, Sarvajeet, more..
Released on Jan 01, 1974

Love In Tokyo (1966)

Gayetridevi sends her son, Ashok to get her grandson from Japan. Gayetridevi had an elder son, who married a girl of Japanese origin without her blessings. She wants Ashok to get married to Sarita, bu...

Cast: Joy Mukerji, Asha Parekh, Mehmood, Pran, more..
Released on Jan 01, 1966

Love In Simla (1960)

After the untimely death of her father and step-mother, Sonia is orphaned and lives with her aunt and paternal uncle (Mrs. and General Rajpal Singh). Sonia is plain-looking as her real mother, and oft...

Cast: Joy Mukherji, Sadhana, Durga Khote, Kishore Sahu, more..
Released on Jan 01, 1960

Love Marriage (1959)

Sunil Kumar rents a room in the city where he is to play cricket for the home team. He meets with the landlord's daughter, who instantly dislikes him. But after watching him play cricket, she falls in...

Cast: Dev Anand, Mala Sinha, more..
Released on Jan 01, 1959